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Confederation Of Australian Motorsport accredited photographer


Jeremy is one of the very few Gold Level CAMS photographer

The CAMS Photographer Accreditation Program is designed to foster a high standard of photography in the Australian motor sport industry.

Essentially, the program operates as a recommendation from CAMS to venue operators, event organisers and promoters that CAMS accredited photographers have achieved a high standard of motor sport photography, have knowledge and experience operating within the motor sport environment and have an understanding of their responsibilities as photographers working at motor sport events, including an understanding of safety issues.

The program is not for individuals wishing to learn about motor sport photography, nor is it for those who practice photography only as a hobby.

CAMS Accredited Photographers must :-
Demonstrate a superior ability in the creation of images that depict the sport;
Demonstrate a high degree of quality and professionalism with their photography that is equivalent to the standard you would see in major motor sport publications;
Demonstrate relevant experience in the motor sport area including a variety of previous work undertaken that will present the applicants abilities and prior experience;
Show previous published work from magazines, articles, journals, websites, newspapers, etc;
Provide references and testament relating to the quality of previous work that has been completed and level of professionalism;
Use high quality photographic equipment:
Be assessed only on their current motor sport photographic work (i.e. images taken within the last five years).

N.B. Images of other sports will normally not be taken into account, nor will images that have been digitally altered or touched up.

Benefits for CAMS Accredited Photographers include:

CAMS Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance coverage (which is only valid upon signing the appropriate CAMS media disclaimer at the event);
Recognition as a CAMS Accredited Photographer, including listing on the CAMS website; and
Representation by the CAMS Photographer Accreditation Committee where the body can take issues and requests for improvements to photographer conditions to appropriate forums.

GOLD Accreditation

Gold accreditation indicates a higher degree of professionalism in a commercial sense and that the photographer’s work is being published in national motoring and motor sport publications on a regular basis. Attendance at a number of national motor sport events is essential throughout the season. Applicants must also be able to demonstrate that a significant portion of their income is derived from the provision of their published works and photographic supply.

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