Shooting Rawsons Falls Comboyne

Rawson Falls is a 40m high waterfall in the Boorganna Nature Reserve near Comboyne and it was the location chosen for a recent photo shoot. It’s quite a steep 3km walk down to the foot of the falls and it certainly seemed a lot further coming back up especially when weighed down by a huge backpack full of camera gear! The model for the shoot was Jaimie who is a Port Macquarie Hastings Council library assistant.

When we finally arrived at the bottom the rocks were so slippery you really took your life into your hands clambering around. I managed to crawl across to a large boulder in the river with my camera strapped to my back but could not move much at all so it was up to Jaimie to edge her way into position at the foot of the falls. She did an amazing job and the cover of the magazine looks great.

For those that are interested the images were taken with a Nikon D810, 24-70mm f2.8, Nikon SB 5000 flash and a reflector.