Photographing car dealerships at dusk

Over the years I have photographed many car dealerships and they can actually be a real challenge to shoot. Most are multi brand dealerships so if for example the image is to be used to promote Nissan then you need to ensure that there are minimal cars from other brands.

You also have to be aware of promotional signage and be prepared to really work the image in Photoshop. This can include removing or changing  the colour of walls, lights and so much more. For instance in the shot of the Nissan showroom below I had to remove a huge lampost that was in the middle of the shot and rebuild a car that was cut in half by it. If you look closely you will also notice that the showroom on the far right is the same as the showroom in the Skoda shot, also below, but with red lights instead of green!








I had the pleasure of photographing the showroom of Manning Valley Motors in Taree last week so I though I would take the opportunity to show you a few shots from that shoot as well. I also photographed their workshops and new service reception area.