It’s all about the tiles…….

I have just photographed a stunning home for one of Australia’s biggest tile companies. When you shoot as many great homes as I do you tend to photograph them in a similar style. So it was nice to shift the focus, as it were, and concentrate on the floor. And what a floor……..

The main floor tiles ran all the way from the front of the house, down the hallway, through the living areas and out to the entertaining area. This gave the home a lovely flow and they were amazingly comfortable to walk on too. There were also some gorgeous floor and wall tiles in all the bathrooms including some really nice feature tiles.

A challenging shoot in some ways trying to balance the bright light outside with the interior ambiance especially while keeping detail in all the reflective surfaces but when the national marketing manager of Amber Tiles sends you an email saying “Pictures are great!!!!!!!!!” you know you nailed that job.